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2 months ago

Daily Dog Spot

Everyone check the fence and gates of your backyard and be sure you keep an eye on your dogs when you open your front door.

The fireworks will have many dogs on edge and they will try and climb, dig and bolt in fear!

Keep their collars on with their tags.

Try keeping the volume a little higher on your tv to drown out the sound of the fireworks.

Engage in your dog's favorite activities to keep them engaged.

Anyone else have suggestions?

2 months ago

Daily Dog Spot

Strange creature

Woof Woof
Make someone's day by showing them this 😂


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Ay se ve hermosisimo 😍

Jennifer Symbouras

Cuando lo irás a visitar

Vanessa Arriaga vanechita si le pones este disfraz a Mack se vería hermoso 😍🐶

Ándale mira ahora

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